New Releases: January 2014

January 2014 N_R

Welcome to the New Year!!! Our new website is ready to lunch and we’re excited. Unfortunately there is one bump; we will need to update all old articles. Our goal is to get all 2 years of articles up to date and meet our new standards by Spring time. We know that Spring is far off, but we don’t want to give you an early date and not have it done. Without further delay, here is January 2014’s New Releases.

David Thulin [The Reconstruction V2.1]David Thulin: The Reconstruction V2.1
Releases: 01/07/2014
Genre: Dance/Electric
Get To Know: David Thulin

Roy Tosh [Revert]Roy Tosh: Revert
Releases: 01/07/2014
Genre: Rap/R&B
Song: “Take Me Back

Switchfoot [Fading West]Switchfoot: Fading West
Releases: 01/14/2014
Genre: Alternative
Song: “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight

Elevation Worship [Only King Forever]Elevation Worship: Only King Forever
Releases: 01/14/2014
Genre: Praise & Worship
Song: “Grace So Glorious

Nine Lashes [From Water To War]Nine Lashes
: From Water To War
Releases: 01/21/2014
Genre: Rock
Song: “Break The World

Kye Kye [Fantasize]Kye Kye: Fantasize
Releases: 01/21/2014
Genre: Electronic
Song: “Dreams 2am

HeeSun Lee [Stereo Types]HeeSun Lee: Stereo Types
Releases: 01/21/2014
Gerne: Rap
Song: “I Break Stereotypes

Jake Hamilton [Beautiful Rider]Jake Hamilton: Beautiful Rider
Releases: 01/21/2014
Genre: Praise & Worship
Song: “Beautiful Rider

Number One Gun [This Is All We Know]Number One Gun: This Is All We Know
Releases: 01/21/2014
Genre: Alternative
Song: “Make This Last Forever

Casting Crowns: ThriveCasting Crowns [Thrive]
Releases: 01/28/2014
Genre: Contemporary
Song: “Thrive

Jamie Grace: Ready To FlyJamie Grace [Ready To Fly]
Releases: 01/28/2014
Genre: Contemporary/Pop
Song: “Fighter

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