The Latest (ARG): Engine Of A Million Plots – Five Iron Frenzy

Five Iron Frenzy Banner

They’ve been calling themselves an undead band from Denver. We have called it the rebirth of an unforgettable sensation- one worthy of an #SJDMustOwn tag. Grab your blue combs, everyone. Five Iron Frenzy has returned from the grave.

The leading single off their upcoming new record, “Into Your Veins” shows that the artists have not lost any of the spunk that carried them through their first eight years as a band. The song hints that the album, Engine Of A Million Plots, could display a bit more of a punk-laden, beat driven rock sound, to appeal to a 2013 generation. However, Five Iron’s work on the album makes just as big of a point of keeping up with the times as keeping faithful to their own.

The Frenzy began progress on their first album since 2004 with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. With a devoted fanbase pledging more than six times the amount, the project set the record for the highest-pledged fundraiser on the site. With 2013 marking a decade after the band’s initial farewell tour, a shining green light illuminated FIF’s future, and a new day dawned on not only the Christian scene, but in the ska music world. 

Remember ska? The trumpet-laden, edgy pop rock craze of the 1990’s? It’s the movment that delivered some of the most diverse music of the time, and introduced the strike-back O.C. Supertones, the classy Insyderz, and the memorably wacky Five Iron Frenzy. These are names we all know and love; all of which are making their comebacks today.

Stamped with an #SJDMustOwn tag, the much-awaited Engine Of A Million Plots releases on November 26th.
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