The Latest (SJD): FIGHTER BOOK – Manafest


Have you ever had a week or a day when you couldn’t stop listening to the first artist you played? Well it’s been about 2-3 weeks and Manafest has gotten a hold of my ears.

Manafest with Fighter Book

Chris Greenwood, AKA “Manafest,” has released his debut book entitled, “FIGHTER: Five Keys to Conquering Fear and Reaching Your Dreams” 10/15/2013. Before the release of his book, Manafest wanted to see if his fans would support his vision, so he started up his project on PledgeMusic March 1, 2013. He received 365 pledges, ours being one of them. He reached his goal April 18, 2013. Chris went above and beyond what a typical artist would normally do for their backers Those who pledged, know what I mean.

Part off his pledge to those who backed him was that he would have a digital and audio copy of the book. For some this might not be important, but for me it was. Personally, I don’t like to read. Upon the start of reading his book I stopped to appreciate that, Manafest, himself, was reading aloud, his book, something most authors don’t do. This got me excited and, from then on, I couldn’t put his book down. Once I started, I found that I sat there reading and listening to his book for 2hrs & 38mins (I added songs from his Fighter album and the song “The Chase” in between each chapter before I started to read).

Manafest Quote

In his book, he covers “Five Keys to Conquering Fear and Reaching Your Dreams” which are: courage, perseverance, mindset, discipline, and will power. While he walks you through the 5 keys, he fills it with stories of his life, how he had to step out and get out of his comfort zone little by little, and what other people did to help him along the way. After each chapter, Chris adds “ACTION STEPS,” which are designed to get you to put your thoughts on paper, set goals, dates, and deadlines. This all to help you conquer your fears and reach your dreams.

The good news doesn’t stop here. Manafest is back in the studio, in his homeland of Canada, working on some vocals for his new album. He also released his newest song back in August, “Overboard.” Check it out; it’s so good.

Looking forward to supporting Manafest throughout his career. His albums get better and better every time. FIGHTER: Five Keys To Conquering Fear And Reaching Your Dreams is an #SJDMustOwn.

Order You Copy Today

Figther Book

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