SJD’s In The Moment: Let Them See You – Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon Banner_v1

While I was working yesterday, I scrolled through my music and decided to play Colton Dixon’s debut album, A Messenger. There was one song that I couldn’t stop listening to. I was compelled to continued playing the song over and over. I began to sing and proclaim the chorus lines at the top of my lungs. I could feel God begin to shine forth, warming my heart and bursting through me. The song was, “Let Them See You”.

If you haven’t ever seen Colton’s interview with Artisan News Service, it is definitely worth checking out. It is posted below. Start the interview at 1m 27s or just go ahead and watch the whole thing.

Colton is reflecting God’s love throughout his music and his everyday life. I dare you to strive to live your life His way and let the world see Him shine through you.

Also if you haven’t heard Colton has released a music video for “Never Gone” click here to check it out.

Photo Credit: F.A. Vitali Photograph
Photo Enhanced: SJD
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