SJD MFCL Exclusive (SJD): Q&A – Everfound

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Everfound is band of four brothers that immigrated from Russia, with one goal in mind, to spread God’s love. They have quite a story about their journey. We were blessed with a chance to send them a few questions and get some of their story.

Q: How did they come up with their name?

A: Ruslan and Yan came up with the name Everfound while driving one day. It was random, but we quickly figured out that it ties to Romans 8, where God promises that nothing can separate us form His love in Jesus. Thats why we are Everfound.

Q: Did they always feel the calling for music?

A: We started piano at 6 years old, but felt a strong calling to use music as a way to tell people about the amazing love of God at around 13 or 14 years old.

Q: Who has impacted you on your journey?

A: Everyone we meet impacts us in some way. The biggest impact on our lives has come from discovering God’s truth in His word. It changes our lives daily. A huge influence are also our relationships with our parents, siblings, our grandmother, as well as our friends and fans.

Q: What is your vision/focus as a musicians?

A:  To glorify God by being increasingly better at communicating His love to people.

Q: If you were to pick a song on your debut album, which song means the most to you?

 A:  We do not have favorites! However, our next single is God of the Impossible and it is a testimony of our family’s story of moving to America.

Q: Could you tell us the meaning and story behind the song you have chosen?

A: We wrote God of the Impossible as a reminder and encouragement that there is nothing we will face thats too big for our God. The song was inspired by our family’s journey to America. When my family lived in the Soviet Union, Christian radio stations were illegal. Yet Missionaries would set up radio stations across the boarder and broadcast the good news of Jesus behind the iron curtain. Despite the authorities trying to drown out the gospel, the message was still heard by my family and they were encouraged to live boldly for Christ amidst hardships and oppression. Today my brother’s and I write songs that are clearly heard on radio stations everywhere, and serve as a testimony of the power of GOD! We want our family’s story to encourage people to step out and trust God, because He truly is, the God of the impossible!

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Everfound [Everfound]
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July 16, 2013

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