SJD MFCL Exclusive (SJD): Q&A – Spencer Kane

Spencer Kane banner
While looking for new artist and music I stumbled on, Spencer Kane. His music is fun and packed with a good message. If you haven’t already gotten his EP One Of A Kind, you have got to get a hold of it.
Spencer Kane
Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
A: I’m a 16 year old recording artist and TV actor who lives in Kendallville, Indiana. I still attend a public high school, but do most of my school work online because I travel so much. I have played basketball and baseball since I was four years old but had to stop playing varsity at my school in February this year because my music career is requiring so much time from me now. It was a hard choice because I have always planned to play college sports, but I know God has opened this door for me right now and I can’t just ignore it. I have no siblings except my near 10 year old dog, Mac, who I bought as a puppy with money I was saving for a bike. I’m glad I didn’t buy a bike. I live with my mom and dad and we love to laugh all the time.
Q: Did you always feel the calling for music?
A: I wouldn’t say doing music is a calling as much as it is trying to not bury the talent God gave me. My parents told me that we all have gifts and talents from God and it would be wrong to not do my best to use it the best I can. I love music and have always been around it in my home and at church growing up, so I think it has always been a part of who I am. I guess it’s more like God has helped me do something I had no idea I’d be doing at this point in my life.
Q: Who has impacted you on your journey?
A: Well obviously a lot of artists have influenced my desire for music and loving music. Tobymac is my greatest influence in knowing you can make great sounding music that kids like, but also have lyrics that make a positive impact on the listener. I mean, I know that I want my music to inspire hope and encouragement for the listener and Toby’s music has always done that for me. I guess my dad has also been someone who has helped me learn how to be a singer and has really guided me in knowing how to take on a career in music and acting. He’s always sang and was a pastor, so he has kind of shown me how to overcome stage fright and helps me how to work on getting better and stuff.
Q: What is your vision/focus as a musician?
A: I want my music to inspire people with hope and encouragement. I mean, a lot of Top 40 music sounds cool, but the lyrics just don’t always talk about things that are morally right and some are just lyrics about drama and stuff. I know a lot of my peers struggle with things as a kid and teen and so far I’ve written music that hopefully helps them feel better about themselves. Like my song ONE OF THE KIND was written about my own experiences with being bullied and experiences I’ve seen in the news and from emails from fans around the world.
It’s like I want to make sure my music provides encouragement for people who are going through stuff.
Q: If you were to pick a song on your debut album, which song means the most to you?
A: I get asked this question and it’s hard because it’s like asking “who’s your favorite kid?”. Lol. I mean, each song has a story behind it and after performing it live for most of this year at so many concerts, I tell the story behind them to the audience and it reminds me of why I like the song and wrote it in the first place. So, I guess it would be like this:  Reason To Be is my favorite vocal recording from the project. I just like how my voice sounds in that song. Move In The Right Direction is special because it was the one song I spent most time working on the music composition as well as lyrics and vocals where the other songs I was more just involved in lyric writing and singing. One of The Kind is so important to me because of it’s message and seeing how it has already made a huge impact on kids around the world. I get so many emails and messages from kids who are inspired to be KIND and have received nearly a dozen letters from kids who have stopped harming themselves or stopped trying to commit suicide as a result of hearing that song. It’s really humbling and awesome at the same time. 413 is my anthem song. It’s like my life story. Philippians 4:13 is what has always gotten me through difficult challenges so that song is like very personal to me. And Blue Sky is a cover of Francesca Batistelli and so it’s probably the least involved song from production and creation, but really is special cause it was the song that helped me get through some tough challenges when moving schools and trying to make new friends. So, you can tell it’s hard to just pick one. Lol.
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