Album Review (ARG): Love & The Outcome

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First albums mean first impressions and although Love & The Outcome’s upcoming release isn’t exactly their first, it’s set to be their biggest.

The album hits stores August 27th and will feature eleven original songs, two of which are “He Is With Us” [now availible on iTunes] and “City Of God”.

Love & The Outcome_live1

In the case of a major debut, the record usually either blends in with the styles and flavors of fellow musical acts and gains a following, or stands out in such a way that even the critics can’t say no. Love & The Outcome has made a point of starting thier own blend of both the album displays a new take on the guitar-driven pop scene we all know and love.

The album’s lyrical messages are remarkably relatable and uplifting, shining through the peppy melodies in every instance. The first track “When We Love” is a strong opener- a toe-tapping rhythm that reminds us to show God’s love to the hurting world around us. “No Mistaking” tells of trusting in God’s power, and “Ask” shows us that we can cast our cares on him by doing just what the title implies.

The lyrics begin to get deeper as the album progresses. “The Story You’re Building In Me” and “Closer To You” are touching personal anthems that almost play off each other; the latter providing a bit of a crescendo of awe as lead singer Jodi King sings of God as the “color that never fades”.

Love&TheOutcome“Bring Us Together”, one of my personal favorites, picks up the rhythm that “Closer To You” leaves off, and leans towards a more highway-ride rock vibe, complete with upfront bass lines during the verses. Following up is the punchy “King Of My Heart” that expresses the singer’s submission to her Father, while “Heart Like You” winds the beat down allowing a desire to have the character of God shine through Jodi’s voice. To close out the album, “What A Promise”, makes a bold declaration that is sure to make any listener recognize the power of God’s promises:

“If the God who spoke my heart into existence told me not to worry what tomorrow brings, we’ll believe it ’till we’re standing in eternity…”

“Bring Us Back”: The song changes lyrical gears as well, conveying a petition that many have laid before the Lord- to be reunited with loved ones lost to time.

One of the record’s most notable features (which the musically-inclined listeners will pick up first) is that the songs boast an array of refreshingly unique musical note progressions.

While this may not be an issue to some, it means the world to those who point out a recent lack of musical ingenuity in Christian rock; as they would say, “It all sounds the same!”.

Although I noticed a relatively prominent (and I’m tempted to say overused) clapping effect during the first half of the album, Love & The Outcome’s album heavily replaces cliche guitar riffs and overused instrumental strategies with a fresh, edgy take- not something you expect from a soft pop/rock album.

The duo’s self-titled gets nothing less than an A+ and a #mustown status from SJD, and we wish Love & The Outcome best wishes for their future!

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