SJD MFCL Exclusive (ARG/SJD): Q&A – Love & The Outcome

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Up-and-coming pop group Love & The Outcome is well on their way to making a scene, as their self-titled album debuts August 27th. Hailing from Winnipeg, the husband-and-wife duo have been singing and playing God songs for years, and now they’re “going public, like torches in the night”.

In person, the couple is just as admirable as their talent. I had the remarkable pleasure of meeting them during their tour with Francesca Battistelli. Not only does the love of God radiate from their personalities, but also a love for each other.

Q: How did they come up with their name?

A: ‘Love & The Outcome’ came out of many conversations about how to best describe not only who we are as a married couple in a band, but why we do what we do… Jodi & I truly believe that our best contribution to furthering the kingdom of God is through our songs inspiring others to follow Him.  One of our favorite authors, Richard Rohr, put it this way: “love is what we long for & were created for – in fact, love is what we are as an outpouring from God.”

Q: Did they always feel the calling for music?

A: We’ve always been lovers of music, for as long as I can remember… my dad raised me listening to the Beatles so I had a good start! Our greatest motivation is knowing in our hearts that the musical ability God has blessed us with is our best stuff for building His kingdom, and that in turns inspires us to get better at all the other elements – writing, performing, traveling, doing interviews…

Q: Who has impacted you on your journey?

A: I’m a rocker & I’ve always loved the sound of British bands, so delirious? and U2 are high on my list; they wear their heart on their sleeves & their songs are anthems that are so inspiring to hear & watch thousands of people sing along to.  Jodi grew up listening to Amy Grant and Sheryl Crow so it’s not a big surprise where her pop sensibilities come from! She is so amazing at connecting with an audience & in turn connecting them with God.

Q: What is your vision/focus as a musicians?

A: The classic hymn ‘Be Thou My Vision’ has been a staple in our live set for a while now (with a few little L&TO tweaks), and it perfectly captures that desire to have the kingdom of God front & center. I think we knew that as long as we could perform together, doing what we do best, keeping our eyes focused on God always, that all the other pieces of life would make sense in their own time.

My favorite piece of scripture right now is the beginning of Romans 12, where Paul encourages us that in whatever we do, we do it for Christ – whether you’re a teacher, a police officer, a politician, whether you’re at a football game or on Facebook (& especially when I’m driving), having our focus on the love of Jesus & everything He is teaching us through scripture & prayer & revelation is the most important thing to remember every day.

Q: If you were to pick a song on your debut album, which song means the most to you?  Could you tell us the meaning and story behind the song you have chosen?

A: Our single ‘He Is With Us’ is kind of a 3 minute snapshot of the journey God has led us on over the last couple years, and it’s an encouragement to remember that we can trust him through the hard times, always! We wrote it with our friend Seth Mosley and it kind of started with Jodi improvising the line ‘Remember when…’ over the bass line I play in the verses… we were trying to write something very direct, I think; my favorite line is, ‘Though it might hurt now, we won’t be ruined…’  When you go through something painful like losing a loved one, you realize that God works through the people who’ve supported you because everyone knows what it feels like.

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