The Latest (SJD): We As Human


After nearly two years of touring, We As Human has released their debut self title album on June 25, 2013. I took time out to listen to their songs and videos up on youtube and found that this band has strong messages behind their songs. Each song is an experience with either a moment in their lives, their beliefs, or who they are. Cordle doesn’t hide his faith. Their song, “Sever,” which was off their EP, released back in October 2011, is a tribute to Cordle’s nephew, Tyler, who passed away from cancer at three years old. In honor of Tyler we share, “Sever UNPLUGGED”:

Cordle got his inspiration for the song from Tyler’s mother who quoted, “People are really sorry about Tyler losing his battle with cancer. But I don’t think he lost his battle with cancer; he won his battle, and he’s with his Creator, and the cancer is dead.” This song is a great testimony.

“Sever” will be accompanied with 9 other tracks. Such as their first single, “Strike Back” and number one single, “We Fall Apart.”

Something that we look for in a band is that they are true inside and out. Cordle said, on the bands Facebook page, “We want out listeners to know that every word we sing, every word we say from the stage, comes from the core of who we are. It’s not just a show. We write about who we are, what we believe, and back that up with how we live our lives.” Making their debut self titled album a #SJDMustOwn

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