SJD MFCL Exclusive (SJD): Q&A – DJ Derezz

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Kevin Valdez (born April 23, 1988) better known by his stage name Derezz is an American DJ-Producer-singer-songwriter. He has worked his way from singing in his home town church “Christian Community Church” In Pembroke Pines Fl to becoming a Dj ready to take the world by storm.


Q: What inspired you to become a DJ?

A: Its simple, I love the idea of sharing great music and presenting it in a fun, creative and continues manner for people to enjoy. In 2002 was when I said to myself, I want to do what Dj Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and Markus Shultz are doing but for God. 10 years later and its only been a year and half that I have started to pursue this dream and its been great. I hope many people will join me in this wonderful journey.

Q: Take us in to your creative process of how you designed The Gathering Light …episodes

A: I add about 10 songs on average to my music library each week so Im always finding new and fresh material to share. I also like to play and revisit classic and fun pop cultured related tracks / topics in the mix. Both mixes have old great classic songs but with some incredible twist that I’m sure the majority will recognize. Once I know what I want to use I write down the songs in order in my notes App on my iPhone and then go to work. I imagine what the blends,edits and mixes will sound like withoutht even hearing anything and 85% of time I’m spot on. It’s very rewarding and fun. Sometimes the best things happen by accident as well.

Q: Are you working on your own electronic dance music?

A: Yes and no at the same time. I am currently learning how to produce EDM and finding cool new things along the way which will lend a lot to my production. Might make some Trap beats 1st. My main focus right now is vocals since thats what my up and coming projects will mainly consist of. I will be overdubbing and remixing existing songs in news ways. Its a fun project and journey.

To keep up with DJ Derezz and his future projects you can follow him and like his pages below:

SoundCloud –

Twitter –

Facebook –

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