The Latest (SJD): Abandon Progress – Jason Dunn


Have you been keeping up with Jason Dunn since he left Hawk Nelson? Well, we have and we also helped support his project on Faith Launcher. Jason took a leap of faith leaving HN to venture out on his own. He had a slight set back in his first attempt with his band, Lights Go Down, but he refused to give up knowing that God had a plan.

In 2012, Jason teamed up with GRAMMY nominated songwriter and producer Aaron Rice, recording his debut solo album, Abandon Progress. Take a listen to one of his featured songs, “Innocent“:

Jason revealed the meaning of this song in the description on YouTube: “This song is for anyone who feels like a failure or a screw-up. This is a song about a Love greater than any other. A Love that forgets your mistakes. This is a Love worth singing about.” Abandon Progress is available May 14, 2013.

With the help and support of his fans, Jason exceeded his goal on Faith Launcher, which not only paid for his first solo album, but the surplus of $1,362.00 was donated to the Jason Dunn Diabetes Foundation (JDDF). He created this foundation to support children and young adults with diabetes. Jason quotes, “I want to be a role model, someone these young people can look up to, to bring them hope.” Featured on JDDF’s website is Jason’s song, “Hope Breaks You Down“:

SJD MFCL has also cheerfully donated to JDDF. Now, you have an opportunity to support Jason’s mission: providing positive role models, educational materials, and grant opportunities for the un- and under-insured diabetic youth of America. Please take time to pray about your part in this important outreach. All you have to do is visit to initiate your support. We are excited for what God is doing through the devoted life of Jason Dunn.

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