Album Review (SJD): Finding Favour

Finding Favour banner

Finding Favour’s vocals are captivating. Each song is packed with passion and a mission to deliver God’s message across the world. “Shake The World,” talks about how we are God’s children. When we live to the rhythm of His Kingdom to come, it shows the world His great love. Now if you want a tear jerker song that really hits home, Finding Favour’s debut single, “Slip On By,” delivers. This motivational song will make you rethink the way you live out everyday.

We’ve got to take each moment one at a time. God has given us a lifetime to leave an impact on this earth. It is only through a little drop of influence, that we make a big difference. What will your legacy be?

“Love Stepped In” is a powerful song that reflects on people who have gone through some sort of struggle at some point in their life. Though they were down and under, Love (God) stepped into their life when they surrendered to Him. When a force as powerful as Love steps into your life, burdens begin to lift and the life you had before gets wiped away. This song expresses just how well God’s Love works. Jesus gives you a clean slate every time you turn and run into His loving arms. So, it doesn’t matter what you’re going through, just turn to Him and let Love step in.

Finding Favour’s first release, is a necessary addition to any musical collection. They are both lyrically motivating and spiritually up-lifting. Their debut album is a six track hit, completed with the addition of the songs, Hero, Hallelujah We Shall Rise, and I Am. SJD’s Music For Christian Living gives their self titled album 5 out of 5 stars. #MustOwn

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