New Releases: May 2013

Finding Favour: Finding Favour
Digital Released: 03/12/13
Physical Releasing: 05/07/13
Contemporary Worship
Song: “Slip On By


Steve Hare [Heart Like Your Own]Steve Hare: Heart Like Your Own
Releases: 05/07/13


Allan Scott [God In Me]Allan Scott: God In Me
Releases: 05/07/13
Praise & Worship


Jason Dunn [Abandon Progress]#MustOwn
Jason Dunn: Abandon Progress
Releases: 05/14/13

Song: “Innocent


Amy Grant [How Mercy Looks From Here]Amy Grant: How Mercy Looks From Here
Releases: 05/14/13


Whosoever South [Goin' Home]#MustOwn
Whosoever South
: Goin’ Home
Releases: 05/14/13

Song: “Goin’ Home


Shane & Shane [Bring Your Nothing]Shane & Shane: Bring Your Nothing
Releases: 05/14/13
Contemporary Worship/Folk


Altars [Something More]#MustOwn
Altars: Something More
Releases: 05/14/13

Song: “Something More

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