SJD MFCL On The Road (PSB): David Crowder – The iTunes Session Live From NYC


Is David Crowder gone? Well, apparently not. I can attest that he is alive and well. He recently performed at the Highlands Ballroom in N.Y.C. I was in attendance and the place was sold out.

Out with the electric guitars, keyboards and large stacks of amplifiers … In with a cello, violin, pedal steel, mandolin, and two drummers. One, of which, was playing a kit that looked like it might have fallen off the back of Hank Williams pickup truck and the other playing, according to Mr. Crowder, “Some stuff he found out back”. Add to that: several acoustic guitars and an upright bass (sometimes even bowed) and the result? … GLORIOUS!

It was wonderful. They managed to create a relaxed atmosphere that made everyone feel right at home, just like family. I had the feeling that we were finally hearing the songs the way that David Crowder wanted us to hear them. He was in his element and thankfully he shared it with us. It was a fantastic show packed with timeless classic songs and even a few surprise new great tunes.

The iTunes Sessions captures some of the essence of this concert, utilizing most of the players on the album. However, the new (did I mention great?) songs are not on it. Yet still, it is a must have album and if you can, by all means, catch the tour! … I am thinking of moving to Texas.

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