SJD MFCL On The Road (DJC): Burning Lights Tour Experience

burning lightsOn Thursday, February 21, 2013, I attended the most worshipful, fun, and exhilarating concert of my life: Chris Tomlin’s Burning Lights. It took place in the theater at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Special Guests were Kari Jobe and Louie Giglio.

About four months prior to the concert, I purchased tickets through a presale event and my seats were to be within the first few rows in front of the stage. These seats were reserved with a first come – first serve provision. When I received my tickets in the mail, they came with a welcome surprise. They had assigned seats in the third row!

When we arrived at the Garden for the concert, I showed my ticket to the security guy and he said that it was first come-first serve seating. At this time, most of the good seats were taken within the first 10-15 rows. We were advised to go check more toward the right side of the stage, which is where we found some better seats. We were about to sit down in the 7th row when, to our surprise, we spotted four seats in the front row that were available. Chris TomlinSo, we quickly navigated through the crowd and sat right in the front row! What’s so amazing about this is that there were people who got to the venue early to get the best seats and we got there five minutes before the concert started and those seats were available! God surely does work all things together for the good of those who love and trust in Him!

Sitting in the front row in one of the most storied arenas in the world and worshipping with one of the most famous Christian artists of all-time, was truly amazing! Kari Jobe opened the night with intimate worship with the songs: “You Are for Me”, “Love Came Down”, and “Holy Spirit”. Chris Tomlin followed with his band and performed songs from his newest album “Burning Lights”: “Awake My Soul”, “Crown Him”, and “God’s Great Dance Floor”. Of course, the band also delivered some their classic songs: “Our God”, “How Great is Our God”, and Holy is the Lord”.

After Chris Tomlin performed awhile, his pastor from Passion City Church, Louie Giglio, came on and preached a sermon that emphasized just how much God is so in love with us. In fact, He is crazy in love with us! Kari JobeWhen life begins to fail us, God is always for us. There was a moment when Louie Giglio pointed me out in the crowd and started talking to me. He was speaking to me personally about intimate worship referring to when, in the middle of one of Chris Tomlin songs, I was lost in worship and was actually facing the wrong way. Everyone was facing the stage but I wasn’t. It was pretty funny … something that doesn’t happen very often.

If you are familiar with Chris Tomlin and you attended this concert, you might have thought that you showed up to the wrong venue. There was a DJ, some beach balls, and they played a rap song, featuring Christian Rap artist Lecrae. Right before the concert ended, the band played “God’s Great Dance Floor” for a second time. When they did, they brought out tons of beach balls and started kicking and throwing them into the crowd. The place went crazy! It was a truly memorable event. I felt like I was on God’s Great Dance Floor all night long worshipping Him, as He most surely deserves.

 More Photos from this event:

Kari Jobe guitarguitaristChris Tomlin2Chris Tomlin PianoChris Tomlin guitar

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