The Latest (ARG): Kings & Queens – Audio Adrenaline [Deluxe Article]

Audio Adrenaline

A trailer was released to YouTube some time ago, showing footage of the legendary Audio Adrenaline’s 2006 farewell show in Hawaii. Links were posted by the GRAMMY-winning band on their then ghost-town Facebook page, announcing that these “kids in an old church van” were planning to fire up the van and make music again. Sometime afterwards, Kevin Max (of dc Talk) was announced as the lead singer for a reincarnated AudioA, with only bassist Will McGinniss remaining from the original lineup. Max has since added an exciting and promising chemistry to the band.

Up until then, Max had been in conversation with former lead singer Mark Stuart and Michael Tait (of the revamped Newsboys) about it.

“I think it took him by storm,” said Tait in a 2012 interview,”…knowing inside myself, ‘the guys amazing. Of course he’ll kill it!’.”

Stuart has admitted his own doubts as well. “I thought it was so obvious it was ridiculous…I really didn’t feel like it fit Audio, but after we got to start talking with Kevin and meeting together, I really felt where Kevin was at personally and spiritually- it really felt like a good match.

Max has even talked from an occasionally bewildered viewpoint. After the end of dc Talk, Max attempted a solo career, releasing several albums and EPs. He states that he has always wanted to create, but recently that he went there out of misery; Max even referred to himself as, in the past, a “rebel” in the industry. His story now reflects that of Audio’s 1999 song “Underdog”,

“God has given me more than a second chance, this is more like chance #987,” says Max. “God continues to work on me in really interesting ways. I feel like this is a redemption story for me.”

On March 12, 2013, the new Audio Adrenaline officially debuted with the album Kings And Queens, sponsored by Stuart’s own charity, the Hands and Feet Project.

Along with AudioA, several Christian acts that have been gone for a few years are making comebacks- both full and halfhearted efforts are evident. Among the serious efforts are Bleach, The Orange County Supertones, PAX217, and Five Iron Frenzy– all of which have already toured and/or released new music. Perhaps the industry wants to re-live the hype it once could call its own, starting as early as the 70’s and 80’s with Petra and Stryper (yeah, they’re both back too).

These are only a few of Christian music’s past acts that have returned for a second round. Check them out at their websites!

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