The Latest (JLD): Make Some Noise – Salvador


This article features a unique band that possesses a special combination that, in my opinion, has become a rare commodity: musical chops with an uncompromising message.

Salvador was birthed out of a worship band of cousins, Nic and Josh Gonzales, in their Austin, Texas home church. Over the years, the band has utilized many different members to create a variety of musical styles such as Latin funk, hip-hop, contemporary, pop and rock. They tastefully execute songs in both the English and Spanish language.

Salvador utilizes music as a skillful tool in bringing meaningful ministry to its audience. If you get a chance to see them perform live, don’t miss out. I personally have been blessed to attend one of their concerts and they do not disappoint in any way.

“We wanted to get back to the love we had on that first record,” says Nic. “And to do that, at some point you have to forget about being cool, get in the garage, get your hands dirty and see what happens.” Make Some Noise will be their 10th release since their debut album in 2000.

The super tight rhythm section with the tasteful interwoven sounds of saxophone and trumpet make this record an incredible listen. If I wore hats, I would indeed take them off in recognition to Salvador, a band that knows how to deliver quality music without water down the Truth.

Keyboardist, Chris Bevins, shares his message to both longtime fans and new listeners alike: “These songs have an optimism, and expectation, that a life of following Jesus is a life worth living. We’re making a joyful noise the best way we know how, and would love for you to join the party!”

As always, Salvador’s music is uplifting, inspirational and a breath of fresh air. Be sure to check out Make Some Noise, available Tuesday, 02/26/13.

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