The Latest (SJD): Catching Up With Spoken, Jeremy Camp, Christine D’Clario, and Je’Kob [Deluxe Article]

This week is catch up week, both literally and figuratively. Last week we had some incredible album releases. Here is a quick recap of February 12th’s releases: SJD picked out two albums to be #MustOwn’s… Jeremy Camp’s, Reckless and Spoken’s, Illusion.

Spoken [Illusion]They are back: the band Spoken that is. Having been off the charts for nearly 6 years, the band comes out of the woodworks with a new label with E1 Music, releasing their 7th studio album. If you don’t believe us, check out “Through It All” off their newly released album, Illusion.

Jeremy Camp1Well-known artist, Jeremy Camp, puts out his album, Reckless, which is sure to be one of his best yet. Jeremy talks about his passion for his relationship with Christ and his readiness to do anything for the Lord. We, at SJD, absolutely love when an artist is transparent, not only through his or her music, but in his or her everyday life.

Not to leave out the other two artist that released albums last Tuesday:

Je'Kob [Faith Hope Love]Je’Kob’s release of Faith, Hope, Love is something you don’t see everyday. He released each part as a separate EP. You can get the Faith EP, Hope EP and Love EP individually, or all together in one disc.

Christine D'Clario [Mas Profundo]Last but not least, Christine D’Clario is nothing short of unique. She released her double threat album, Deeper/Mas Profundo, in both English and Spanish, something SJD finds alluring. Listen to her song, “Magnifico,” in Spanish and then check out the English version, “Magnified”. Here is the Spanish version:

Now click on this link to hear it in English: Christine D’Clario – Magnified. She is talented.

Oh, and did you know, next Tuesday, Salvador releases their newest album, Make Some Noise. This is a big month! Este un mes grande!

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