The Latest (SJD): A Messenger – Colton Dixon

colton dixon

When we select an artist for review on our website we look for three things: Lyrics that glorify God, how the artist/band lives their life/lives, and lastly … talent. Colton Dixon richly possesses all three of these qualities.

Colton brightly shined on American Idle, making it up to the 7th round before being eliminated. Even so, Someone more important was evaluating his efforts … God had bigger plans for Mr. Dixon. Upon his departure, Colton expressed his desire to record a Christian album. Shortly thereafter, his dream came true when he signed with Sparrow Records.

Throughout Colton’s interviews with many different sites and shows, he continues to show us his life isn’t his own, but it belongs to God. He is a true messenger for our great God. See it for yourself:

View: Getting to Know Colton Dixon – Part 2

His single, “You Are,” has been on repeat in my office all day. “You Are,” was released October 26th, 2012. If you haven’t hear it yet, now is you chance:

This song will leave you knowing that God is your: Hope, Provider, Cleanser, Healer and everything you will ever need.

The following is yet another example of why we selected Colton Dixon to be added to our list of artist:

Colton expressed on Artisan News’ interview, “You know, I signed with a Christian music label, that itself kind of describes where I stand. You know, I don’t want that to be a reason why someones not going to listen to the album. I’ve saw that a couple of times on iTune reviews for the song that’s on right now called, ‘Never Gone.’ It’s disappointing to see that. A good song should be a good song no matter what you are talking about. There are people singing about sex, drugs and rock and roll, and they don’t seem to mind either, even when it is not their thing. So man I guess my challenge would be don’t let it turn you off. You know it’s what I believe and I’m definitely not ashamed of that, but regardless you know I’m going to have songs on there that are not as specific as others. My goal is to encourage and to share what I have been through and hopefully you can connect with that. Amen so labeled or not I’m just I’m doing what I do, whatever you label it… cool.”
To watch their interview click HERE.

Colton releases his album, “A Messenger” today January 29th, 2013. This album is under SJD’s Must Own list. You won’t want to miss out. Get your copy today.


Available on iTunes digitally for $9.99

Available physically on Amazon for $11.99

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