Album Review (SJD): Worth It All – Meredith Andrews

Meredith Andrews 2

Meredith Andrews gracefully presents to you her third studio album, “Worth It All.” Meredith states, “Only Jesus is worthy of it all. My life, my heart, my every breath, my authentic love, my worship. He is everything. He is Worth It All.” Certainly, Meredith shows us what true passionate worship is all about, as she illustrates absolute surrender. This album is released, in season, for those who are in need of encouragement.

While listening to her album my heart began to break. “Not For A Moment” sets you up by reminding us that God has not left us. He has always been there, even through the hard times. “Start With Me” really hit home as the lyrics of this song sank down deep within. We need make this song a personal declaration, asking God to move through us, to come alive in us and for Him to love through us. Our God is the God of Love. I began singing the chorus over myself, “My life is an empty cup, fill it up, fill it up. I want to hear every rescued heart cry, You’re enough, You’re enough. Break what needs breaking, till You’re all we see. Start with me. Start with me.” God start with me. Throughout this album, the presence of God grows stronger and stronger, with songs like: Worth It All, All I Ask, Strong God and many more.

Like many, I have been looking to go deeper in my relationship with God. “Burn Away” instantly became one of my favorite songs. The lyrics in this song spoke directly to my heart’ s desire. I have been asking God to purify my every thought and to make me more like His Son. By this point in the album I was saturated with the anointing of God. Meredith’s music is relatable, packed with powerful lyrics and it is overflowing with the love that God has for us. Meredith Andrews, “Worth It All” is really worth it… all.

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