Album Review (ARG): Only A Mountain – Jason Castro


It’s safe to say that in the past two years, we’ve seen more unexpected hits in the entertainment world than YouTube has seen comment debates. While the radio stations and websites were distracted by the viral floodgates open wide above them, the Christian music spotlight introduced several young faces for the first time, including Jason Castro, whose new album, Only A Mountain, is set for releasing on the fifteenth of January. Castro’s story, like many others’, tells of his rise to fortune- which has its own share of surprises.

The 25-year-old composer has been rooted in music since the age of 11, from drumming in his home church’s worship band to later attaining a considerable finesse on the guitar. An ever-increasing faith and courage allowed Castro to perform several gigs with classmates, and after only a little more than a year, the singer landed an audition on American Idol.

For Castro, the Idol was only a stepping stone. Soon after finishing in an astounding fourth-place on the show, the young star went on to release his self-titled debut album on Atlantic Records, garnering him international success and birthing the chart-topping tune “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again”.

Only A Mountain will be Castro’s first release in the Christian market and third full-length record.

The majority of Jason’s performance on Only A Mountain perfectly showcases his trademark acoustic pop vibe, such as in the catchy title track, the freeway melody “Starting Line”, and the touching “Same King Of Broken [ft. Moriah Peters]”. However, there is also an unfortunate evidence of his signature style being slowly replaced by the generic, almost-rock which today’s contemporary Christian industry is riddled with [as accurately- and to many ears, painfully- demonstrated by most Christian radio stations]. This is most easily noticed on the songs “I Believe”, “Runaway”, and “Rise To You”. Upon reading this, some potential listeners may be tempted to black-list the young musician- don’t do it!

In some cases, when the music borders on cliche, the voice can shine through just a little bit brighter. The title track contains possibly one of the most outspoken declarations of faith that we at SJD have heard:

“This is only a mountain, you don’t have to find your way around it. Tell it to move, it will move, tell it to fall, it will fall…”

Such a bold lyric can serve the listener in more ways than mere ear candy; Jason sings from a perspective of the victory that Jesus won for those in his kingdom.

“For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus.” -Ephesians 2:6 NLT

When being led through life by the Spirit of God, the phrase “only a mountain” can be said on any obstacle that shows itself, and Jason Castro’s album depicts this exceptionally well overall.

Want to see the lyric video for, “Only A Mountain” click HERE.
Album Releases: 01/15/2013

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