New Releases: January 2013

Happy New Years

Welcoming The New Year SJD MFCL Will Aim To:

-Make changes to our “New Releases” layout (DONE)
-Work On A New Web Design (Phase One Coming Soon)
-Voting System
-User Logins?!?
-Lyrics To Your Favorite Songs
-Lyric Videos
-Exclusive Interviews (Three Interviews In Progress)
-Many More

We are trying to connect with our viewers and expand our fan base this year.
Sharing with the community what really Christian Music is all about.

Without Further Delay, New Releases January 2013

Chris Tomlin [Burning Lights]Chris Tomlin: Burning Lights
Releases: 01/08/2013
Contemporary Worship


Kim Walker-Smith, Skyler Smith [Still Believe]Kim Walker-Smith, Skyler Smith: Still Believe
Releases: 01/08/2013


Karyn Williams- Only YouKaryn Williams: Only You
Releases: 01/08/2013


Capital Kings- Capital Kings

Must Own
Capital Kings: Capital Kings
Releases: 01/08/2013

Song: “I Feel So Alive”


Jason Castro- Only A MountainJason Castro: Only A Mountain
Releases: 01/15/2013


Planetshakers- LimitlessPlanetshakers: Limitless
Releases: 01/15/2013


Carman- Anthem Of A ChampionCarman: Anthem Of A Champion
Releases: 01/22/2013


Love & Death - Between Here And The LostLove & Death: Between Here And The Lost
Releases: 01/22/2013
Christian Hard Rock/Metal/Scream
(Brian “Head” Welch’s New Band)


Meredith Andrews- Worth It All

Meredith Andrews: Worth It All
Releases: 01/22/2013


colton-dixon-messengerMust Own
Colton Dixon: A Messenger
Releases: 01/29/2013
Pop Worship

Song: “You Are”

New Releases: December 2012 (Christmas Music)

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