New Releases: November 2012

Third Day: Miracle
Releases: 11/06/2012
Christian Country/Rock

M.O. The O.C. Supertones: For The Glory
Releases: 11/06/2012
Christian SKA

The Seeking: Yours Forever (Debut Album)
Releases: 11/06/2012
Christian Heavy Rock/Metal

M.O. Disciple: O God Save Us All
Releases: 11/13/2012
Christian Rock

Love & Death(Brian “Head” Welch’s New Band): Between Here And The Lost
Releases: 11/19/2012
Christian Hard Rock/Metal/Scream

Matt Redman: Sing Like Never Before
Releases: 11/20/2012
Praise & Worship

M.O. Jesus Culture: Jesus Culture with Martin Smith Live from New York
Releases: 11/20/2012
Praise & Worship

New Releases: October 2012

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