The Latest (ARG): Newsboys – Live “God is Not Dead”

The Newsboys need no introduction, especially since the Tait-taking-over-for-Furler hype of late 2009. Haters gonna hate, but Michael Tait is well into his third year as the lead singer of the Boys. The renovated pop/rock quartet have two well-received albums under their belt since the former DC Talk star took the helm, including the Newsboys’ first worship album since 2004, and their highest charting studio record, Born Again, which topped Justin Beiber on the Billboard 200.

Next on the list is to be the Newsboys’ first live record since Furler’s Houston: We Are Go, released in 2008. Live In Concert: God’s Not Dead, is a collection of on-stage renditions of Tait’s biggest Newsboys songs, including the immortalized “He Reigns” and the irresistibly catchy “Something Beautiful.” The album is hitting shelves October 22nd.

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