SJD MFCL Exclusive: Reform The Resistance (RTR) Interview

With today being our 1 Year Anniversary, we wanted to treat you to something special. Here is our very first, “SJD MFCL Exclusive Interview” with an upcoming band, Reform The Resistance (RTR).

If you have been looking for a band with a very unique sound, stop! RTR embraces many different genres and styles of music that not many bands dare to mix in a single album. The band released their debut album, “The Truth Is Dangerous” in 2010. Here is an overview of their whole album:

1) Kill Lies: I am going to deny myself, take up the cross and take responsibility for my actions. Asking God to save him from himself. Wanting to stop all the lies. Wanting a second chance at life.

2) Tonight We Ride: Change your mind, it is not to late to turn your life around. Look to God’s eyes, use your voices to shake the skies. If you can’t love yourself, you will never be able to love someone else. Shut the world out, go outside the world’s box, spend your time with God (Tonight We ride).

3) Depressed But Alive: Instrumental

4) Starlight: This song goes in two perspectives. One, yours! The others God’s! First yours: I won’t let go of You, let me see Your eyes. Second, Jesus: “I would die for you again, you are no mistake.”

5) Are You One Of Us, Or Are You One Of Them: Either you are with us in God’s Army or you are against us. We will be at the Front Lines of His Army. We are ready to die for His Name, not letting the world’s thoughts twist us. We will stand for God. We know the way!

6) Mercy In Blood: Do they have to say anything? There is Mercy in the Blood of Jesus. Turn us from our way and make our ways Your Own. When this world perishes, You will remain. Let Your Love Reign.

7) This Present Darkness: Open your eyes to the darkness of this world. It hides behind objects such as money. Do not bow down to anyone, but God. We have had enough of this world’s ways. The end is coming and we won’t bow down to false messiahs. I won’t fall back to sleep (being blinded by the world). We are to fight this present darkness.

8) Midnight Session: Instrumental

9)  If I Can Survive: We can’t do it on our own. We need God. We need to admit our ways are not correct and that only He can show us.

10) YOU: Till my last breath, God I am all Yours. All I need is You. What we really want is God … simple as that.

11) We Belong Together: This song is about a relationship. It can be taken in many ways. For the Christian view, God is the air we breath, look into His eyes. This world may fall apart, but nothing can pull us apart cause, perfect love casts out all fear. God will never leave. He is always there.

You can get your copy of, Reform The Resistance “The Truth Is Dangerous” on iTunes for $9.99. RTR is currently working on their second studio album, stay tune for more info.

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