The Latest (SJD): Love Will Find You – The Museum / Steal My Show – Tobymac

If you haven’t heard, we have two of the biggest releases that have come out today! Our first release is from a band that displays true passion in their songs of praise and worship. Let’s give it up for the first band to follow us on Twitter … The Museum! You will not be disappointed with their new album, “My Only Rescue”. Make sure you give a good listen to the track, “Love Will Find You.”

There is no place you can go to hide from our God’s Love. You just can’t out run it! More to come in a “Looking Behind The Song!”

Now, our next release is none other then Tobymac, unleashing his fifth studio record. “Eye One It,” is a M.O. (must own). I can assure you that you will want to add this album to your collection. Sit back and let his new song, “Steal My Show” speak for itself:

Tobymac only gets better and better after every release. He kicks it up a notch in every possible direction, bring a new meaning to Christian HipHop & Dubbstep while adding amazing lyrics to every song.

Get, “Eye On It” and “My Only Rescue” in stores and online today.

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