NRE’s Talk: Emerging Voices – Jesus Culture

Hello, fellow worshippers! For those who love Jesus Culture and even those who aren’t so crazy about them, listen up! On July 31st, Jesus Culture came out with a brand new album featuring four new worship artists. This album actually has NO ONE in the Jesus Culture band leading worship, but let me tell you, it is amazing! Here is a song featured on the album by Derek Johnson:

I specifically chose to wait a couple weeks after this album came out before writing on it. I bought the album the day it came out and have been listening to it almost none stop ever since. Instead of thinking of some fancy words, I’m going to just say it: This album is seriously anointed.

I was asked to choose a song to specifically write about, and I couldn’t. Every song resounds with praise and adoration for Jesus, and it comes out of the amazing heart for worship each artist has. I have found myself (many times already) simply laid out in my room in full-on worship, with this album on repeat in the background. God is calling us to sing a new song to Him, and this album is an incredible example of what it sounds like.

Each artist has so much to offer: Derek Johnson with songs that pour out devotion to God, simply telling Him how our hearts are for Him and only Him; Justin Jarvis, who cannot contain his fiery passion for Jesus, which draws out our passion for the One who saved our souls and who is holy; Mary Kat Eherenzeller, dedicated to intimacy and drawing close to the wonderful presence of God, dropping His presence right into your own home; and Nate Ward, who raises up anthems of breaking through to MORE of Jesus, pressing us not to give up, not to settle, but to be relentless in our search for God.

I could probably go on forever about how much this album has encouraged me in so many ways, but I will leave it to you to check it out for yourselves. It’s available on iTunes and on CD. So, go pick up a copy and be ready to find yourself in the presence of the Living God, the Lover of your soul.

“O sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth.” –Psalm 96:1 (AKJV)

“So let God work His will in you. Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper. Say a quiet yes to God and He’ll be there in no time.” –James 4:7-8 (MSG)

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