SJD’s In The Moment: I Can Feel Your Love – Paul Wright

This has been one of the best summers I have had in a long time. I was driving  home from DJC’s party listening to Paul Wright and his song, “I Can Feel Your Love” came on. For me this song sums up how great and awesome our God’s love is toward me. Paul brings a unique style to the Christian scene, with his beachy chill music. Even though he hasn’t produced anything new in a long time, rummer has it he is working on something new. So if you have not heard of Paul Wright you should seriously check him out, kick back, relax and enjoy “I Can Feel Your Love.”

I have felt so blessed this summer. God has really been moving and opening doors for me and all of us here at SJD Music For Christian Living. I can feel His Love all around me, everywhere I go. Our God is beyond amazing. My friends if God has been working in your life, now is the time to give God the glory. If you feel like God has not been there for you, you could not be more wrong. I want to encourage all of you to begin to thank God in the good times and in the tough times. I wanted to share what God shared with me the other day:

“I am your Provider when you are in a time of need. I am your Provider in the times of plenty, when all is good. The more you trust Me in the time of need and in the times of plenty you will see My Blessings upon you.” ~God~

Time to share some of His Love with the people you come in contact with. Never forget how powerful God’s Love is. He Loves you more then anyone else can.

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