New Releases: August 2012

We got some amazing albums coming out in the month of August, so get ready to place your orders. M.O. = Must Order


Israel & New Breed: Jesus At The Center *Live*
Releases: 08/14/2012
Praise & Worship

M.O. An Epic No Less: Echo Of Love
Releases: 08/14/2012
Praise & Worship
(After waiting for months they are set on a release date.)

Letter To The Exiles: Make Amends
Releases: 08/14/2012
Metal – Song: “Conversations With Fallen Saints”

The Classic Crime: Phoenix
Releases: 08/14/2012
Rock – Song: “Heaven And Hell”
“This album will wake you up and grip you for all you are worth. It will raise questions, who are you in Christ?” ~SJD~

M.O. Chris August: The Upside Of Down
Releases: 08/21/2012
Contemporary – Song: “Center Of It”

Tenth Avenue North: The Struggle
Releases: 08/21/2012
Praise & Worship/Pop

Owl City: The Midsummer Station ***RELEASE DATE CHANGED***
Releases: 09/11/2012

M.O. TobyMac: Eye On It
Releases: 08/28/2012
HipHop – Song: “Me Without You”
“Honestly, I think Toby gets better and better! This is a M.O.” ~SJD~

M.O. The Museum: My Only Rescue
Releases: 08/28/2012
Pop Praise & Worship
“Shout out to The Museum! They were the first band to follow us on Twitter! Love how much passion these guys put into the makings of their album.” ~SJD~

New Releases: July 2012

Small Note:
Getting excited for the future we have.
We are working on a full website explosion.

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