Looking Behind The Song (ARG): Touch This Light – House Of Heroes

“When I feel crushed underneath the weight
Cursing every step as I toe the line
I say my prayers to a rebel king
And your light shines…”

 …quoted from House Of Heroes. Though not the most-well-known alternative rock group, they are one of the best at making their point through their lyrics and passionate music. Their brand new album, Cold Hard Want was released on JULY 10th, and the riffy single “Touch This Light” and it’s accompanying videos have indeed begun to turn YouTube heads. Just look at the comments.

 “Touch This Light” is a contemporary example of the common redemption song. It talks of the storyteller’s “miry clay” state previous to salvation, with analogies comparing sin to “a sea of gray” or being “tangled up in wires”. Then, the choice is made to pray… to cry out to the “rebel King”.

“I can see you there
in a rain of fire,
Reaching out for me
I can touch it
I can hear your voice
Calling out my name
I wanna touch this light…”

…and “Touch This Light” is only one of thirteen exciting tracks featured on the anticipated Cold Hard Want, an album definitely worth a few clicks.

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