PSB’s Slab: Another Realm – Iona

What can I say about Iona’s latest release, “Another Realm”? It would seem, indeed, the intent of the band is to gracefully escort you there: to another realm. The album is deeper spiritually than anything I have heard from them before.

I had the privilege of seeing them live in Pa. two weeks ago. I would say that Joanne Hogg (lead singer) is determined to have the anointing of God fall during the concert. She encouraged the crowd of believers and non-believers alike to join in and sing compelling lyrics such as “Our God is here with us” over and over again. Combine this with their unsurpassed muscianship, great writing and arrangements by David Bainbridge and the rest of the band, and it makes for truly an other “worldly” experience! Catch them, if you can, as they are touring the U.S. now ( And by all means, pick up a copy of “Another Realm” and take the journey with them.

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