New Releases: July 2012

Wolves At The Gate: Captors
Releases: 07/03/2012
“Clean, the band layered their audio amazingly.” ~SJD~

Gideon: Milestone
Releases: 07/03/2012

Big Shizl: Jacob’s Son
Releases: 07/03/2012

House Of Heroes: Cold Hard Want
Releases: 07/10/2012
“Awesome, better then their last album.” ~SJD~

KB: Weight Of Glory
Releases: 07/17/2012
“Any faster they would be speaking in tongues” ~Altermax777~

A Bullet For Pretty Boy: Symbiosis
Releases: 07/31/2012
“Metallic harmonics full of clean and grungy guitars.” ~SJD~

Brothers McClurg: Join In The Sound
Releases: 07/31/2012
Praise & Worship

Jesus Culture: Emerging Voices
Releases: 07/31/2012
Praise & Worship

New & Current Releases: June-May

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