Things To Look Forward To: Changes To Be Made

There is so much going on here with SJD Music For Christian Living. We are so excited for the changes that are taking place in our lives. Our trip to the Jesus Culture Conference in Long Island, NY was life changing.

As for the changes we are going to make to our site, we are only going to condense “New & Current Releases” into just, “New Releases.” Links to last months New Releases will be at the bottom of the articles, making it less crowded. Also in this article we may or may not have sentences for the new albums being released. We will still be writing articles on almost every new release over the course of that month and the next month.

You guys will be seeing a lot more articles and posts up with our new segments that we have started: SJD’s In The Moment, should have almost one a week. NRE’s Talk and PSB’s Slab, will be as God puts something on there heart that they want to share. There will be more to come.

Our “New Release” article will be late this month. It will be up on Wednesday.

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