SJD MFCL On The Road: Jesus Culture Conference NY June 28-30, 2012

Hey everyone,

Our staff is taking the rest of the week off. Our church has gone to the Jesus Culture conference in New York, taking place over the next three days.

We are extremely excited. Our first session lasted from 2 to 4:30. Worship was incredible! We are currently at dinner at Applebee’s. I am writing this up on my phone as we are waiting for dinner.

PSB’s Slab will be coming soon in next months articles along with our SJD Exclusive: Reform The Resistance.

SJD’s computer is still having trouble, but he is overcoming the problems. Editing the “Exclusive” with new effects.

Stay tune for the latest for Christian Music.

From us all here at SJD MFCL, God Bless.

If you’re interested, Jesus Culture is streaming the while conference live! Look for it on their Facebook page and at

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