NRE’s Talk: Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Get ready for some intense worship that will knock your socks off! Bryan and Katie Torwalt, worship leaders in Northern Cali, released their first album in August of last year. Although their freshman album is almost a year old, it has left a lasting impression (especially on me).

As I was searching and thinking of a song from this album to write about, I had a major mind block. I have been listening and worshiping to the entire album since it released in 2011, and each song has impacted my life in different seasons. It has encouraged me to let praise come from my mouth and my heart EVERYDAY of my life, and reminded me to be thankful for the cross. Their worship has welcomed the presence of the Holy Spirit, in my room and in my church (I have led worship to the song “Holy Spirit”. Powerful!). And in times of uncertainty and near calamity, they have challenged me to choose to love God above all else. All this might sound cliche–and maybe it is– but their music, worship-filled and completely different in certain ways than all other worship music I have heard, has drawn me so deep into worship that I don’t exactly know how else to describe them. Not as a promoter, or a music reviewer, but as a fellow worshiper, I encourage you to check out this album. It’s called “Here On Earth.” Enjoy, and be ready to encounter God!

In terms of news, these guys will be in New York City from Thursday till Saturday, along with Jesus Culture for an incredible three days of worship! They will also be featured in Jesus Culture’s new album, recorded from JCNY.

“As for me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21

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