Looking Behind The Song (ARG): Secrets – The Overseer

Desperation is a theme that tends to be found fueling almost every variation of the heavy metal genre. Desperate for the girl, or desperate for the meaning of life…or perhaps desperate for God? Almost every Christian metal band expresses desperation at some point in their songs, although occasionally it can be unclear. And while a songwriter may easily become engrossed in his work, there must not be an overlooking of Jesus’ work.

But that doesn’t stop metal quartet The Overseer from belting out hardcore tunes in their new album, “We Search, We Dig“.

From a classic reverberating guitar and bass intro, the song “Secrets” dives into a hard-hitting vocal line:

“Withering from the seam. I’m hanging by a thread, I fear I’ve done something wrong. Fearing there’s no turning back. I must be, I must be the accomplice.
Forgive us, forgive me.
I am the liar, I am the cheat, I am the secret you want to keep. I am so ashamed. And I can’t escape this, it’s eating me alive. And I can’t escape these secrets are my prison.”

There are several ways these words could be interpreted. While some listeners may view these lyrics as too much of a harp on the negative, the final words, “everyone, come clean“, suggests an alternate, more uplifting message. However, The Overseer will not disappoint with the thrashy metal sound and tough, guttural screamo that’s delivered. “We Search, We Dig” was released on June 19th, and is worth checking out!

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