SJD’s In The Moment: Guilt – Jaci Velasquez

Hey guys, it’s SJD here to introduce my new segment: “In the Moment“. It will be a place to find out what songs have had an effect on my personal life. It will reflect the meanings and experiences that God has shown us through a variety of inspirational songs.

Lately, I have been listening to my iTouch on shuffle letting it play every song I own. Here is, “Guilt” by Jaci Velasquez.

Jaci’s song grasped me and stopped me in my tracks. In my life I have had my shares of troubles and days when I felt so far from our Lord and Savior. The chorus of this song spoke to me strongly.

“It was Love that saved me
You amaze me
But I was never too far from Your reach
Yesterday can’t hold me
You took control of me
Conviction’s overturned and I am pure
And I’m not guilty any more”

No matter how far I thought I was from God, He was and is always right there besides me. He will never be too far away from our reach. He is just waiting for a repenting heart that is pure and true. He forgives(overturned) us of our guilt(conviction’s) and He makes us new(pure).

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