New & Current Releases: June-May

We got some EXCITING NEWS!

Here, this month, for the first time ever, we will be reveling to you SJD MFCL EXCLUSIVE interview with an up coming band:
Reform The Resistance (RTR).

PSB’s Slab:

Iona: “Another Realm” Released: Availiable Now
“Irelands Progressive Christian rock band moves deeper into the Spirit with their new release ‘Another Realm’.” ~PSB~

NRE’s Talk:

“Bryan & Katie Torwalt are able to lead you headfirst into the Presence of God. Their passion for Him has the powerful anointing to guide you into authentic, intimate worship.” ~NRE~
(Praise & Worship)

June’s Releases:

Write This Down: “Lost Weekend” Releases: 06/05/2012
“Write This Down brings you through life’s trials, showing that the truth will get you through.” ~SJD~
(Hard Rock)

Altars: “Conclusions” Releases: 06/05/2012
“Although rookies on the metal stage, the Altars are hitting hard with their new record, ‘Conclusions’.” ~ARG~

The Overseer: “We Search, We Dig” Releases: 06/19/2012
“Out of the starting gates, The Overseer’s are releasing their debut album with hard licks and a powerful message.” ~SJD~

Children 18:3: “On The Run” Releases: 06/19/2012
“Like high energy and randomness? … You got to get Children 18:3’s new album.” ~SJD~

May’s Released:

Point Of Grace: “A Thousand Little Things” Released: 05/01/2012
“Ever feel like life is throwing you a curve ball? Points of Grace reminds you of ‘A Thousand Little Things’ in your life!” ~NRE~

The Washington Projects: “Space Time Continuum” Released: 05/01/2012
“If ever a Christian needed dance music, this collection of remixes will not fail to satisfy.” ~MAK~

Mary Mary: “Go Get It” Released: 05/08/2012
“If you’re ever in the need to just get up and dance, rock out with Mary Mary and their brand new album” ~NRE~
(Gospel HipHop)

Ben Cantelon: “Everything In Colour” Released: 05/08/2012
“Standing in the shadows no more, Ben Cantelon comes of age.” ~PSB~
(Praise & Worship)

MercyMe: “The Hurt & The Healer” Released: 05/22/2012
“Mr. Lovewell is moving on, but MercyMe returns with another groundbreaking record.” ~ARG~

“This album proclaims who God is and it draws US closer to Him, the Healer of our scars!” ~DJC~

12 Stones: “Beneath The Scars” Released: 05/22/2012
“12 Stones is looking to rip out the lies and proclaim the truth.” ~SJD~

Jon McLaughlin: “Promising Promises” Released: 05/22/2012
“McCaughlin brings the excitement to proclaim who God is and to join a choir of praise to the Lord!” ~DJC~

To Speak Of Wolves: “Find Your Worth, Come Home” Released: 05/22/2012
“This album will open eyes. You will find out just how much you are worth through Christ. He is waiting for you to come home.” ~SJD~

Cheneta Jones: “Transformed” Released: 05/22/2012
“Jones brings a Pop, Gospel sound in her debut album. Her lyrics skillfully reflect a heavenly point of view, making this one powerful album. It reminds us who we are in Christ and encourages US to to follow Him.” ~DJC~

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