The Latest (ARG): The O.C. Supertones & Audio Adrenaline Are Back

The 1990’s … a decade worth remembering. The age of the Olsen twins, Catdog, the Backstreet Boys, and those beyond-creepy Furbies. Although not much remains today, times like the 90’s have their way of cycling through society’s trend circle and turning up on the surface once again. The same goes for its Christian music- perhaps the greatest and most creative Christian music ever released.

The list is endless: the Newsboys would “shine, make ’em wonder whatcha got“, DC Talk didn’t really care if they were labelled as ‘Jesus Freaks‘, Delirious was out to be ‘history makers’…and Audio Adrenaline made a ‘blitz’ with the OC Supertones.

…wait, what? In 1997, Audio Adrenaline, the band known for songs like “Big House” and “Ocean Floor“, released a now little-known song with OCS (“Strike Back“, “Away From You“, “Resolution“) called “Blitz“: in which both bands claimed to be “comin’ at you like a blitz.”

Audio Adrenaline – Blitz (YouTube)

And now, nearly 7 years after the demise of both bands … their promise is kept.

The Supertones reunited for several festivals in 2010, and are now working on their twelfth studio album, to include the freshly-recorded “On The Downbeat“.

The O.C. Supertones Facebook Fan Page

What’s more, this year Mark Stuart (frontman for AudioA) launched an official Audio Adrenaline Facebook page asking fans about a comeback, which met with hundreds of “YES!” replies. And with 1,100 fans and counting, be expecting invitations to the Big House.

Audio Adrenaline Facebook Fan Page

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