Looking Behind The Song (NRE): Go Get It – Mary Mary

Mary, Mary might be one of the sassiest (in a great way, of course) Christian bands in the music industry today! These two fabulous women have been in the Christian spotlight for years, redefining the definition of Gospel. Their soulful voices, incredible lyrics, and catchy beats make you want to listen over and over again. Their newest project releases May 8th, entitled “Go Get It.” Check out the single that will have you up on your feet, boppin’ and singing along.

This song, very plainly stated, rocks. It pushes you to greatness throughout every part of composition. Sometimes, it feels like God is so far away or the calling on your life seems gone. God is right within reach, but we just need to go get it. There is a season for everything, and when there is a season for blessing, we need to catch it! Enough of only getting by and expecting life to just fall in our lap, it is TIME to run after God, His Kingdom, and His blessings. It’s time to go get it.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the sun…”  ~NIV~

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