Looking Behind The Song (DJC): Dangerous – KJ-52

In the song “Dangerous”, KJ-52 is telling a story about himself. His past life was a dangerous way of living. KJ-52 talks about how dangerous his life was, not only for himself, but for the people around him. The song depicts a person struggling with regret in their life and having a hard time forgiving the people around them. Doing this is dangerous for the mental and spiritual being of a person. This is the message KJ is trying to illustrate in his song.

KJ is normally known for his upbeat, energetic style of music. However, in this single, he has chosen to use a light, rock-pop sound.

“Can’t forgive or forget
We hold on and it’s dangerous it’s dangerous
We resent we regret we look back but it’s dangerous
Living like we do is so dangerous”

SJD Adds:

KJ-52’s latest album, “Dangerous” is filled with songs that can relate to mostly everyones life. We all go through the good time and the bad times, but in his album he shows us that God will always get us through as long as we don’t give up.

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