The Latest (DJC): Giants – Evan Craft

Evan Craft… Do you know him? Many people don’t. He just burst onto the Christian music scene with his debut album entitled “Giants.” Craft’s style of music is similar to the likes of Brandon Heath, Chris August and Josh Wilson.

Here’s Craft’s hit single “Broken Heart”:

Craft has this to say about his album:
“It’s an exciting time in my life being able to work with such wonderful and talented people, but there is an unsurpassed joy of being in the pocket of where God has me right now. This CD is the journey of testing God’s grace to being thrown to my knees by the weight of not deserving grace at all. This whole adventure is rolled up into the inspired melodies to encourage people’s hearts by my own experiences. If someone can listen to “Broken Heart” and be comforted or be set on fire by “Reclaimed” to fight human injustice then it’s done its job. Please tune your heart to the rhythms of this album and enjoy my finest work yet!”

Craft’s music comes from experiences in his own life and he puts it into a story. The lyrics in every song on this album are uplifting and prepares believers to fight the ”Giants” in their own lives. We live in a battlefield and these songs help us prepare for battle. If we take hold of truths in these lyrics and trust in God that no weapon formed against us will prosper, we will be victorious!

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