The Latest (ARG): Dubbed & FreQ’d – Tobymac

His beginnings are found in the 90’s Christian outfit, DC Talk. Hits like “In The Light”, “Jesus Is Still Alright”, “Colored People”, and the unforgettable “Jesus Freak”, were spawned during his fourteen years as a core member of the band.

When a band splits up after much success, it’s members face uncertainty concerning future careers. Several have reverted back to the music business, although many never attain the fortune that they had previously. Not so with Tobymac.

In the aftermath of DC Talk, Toby McKeehan is now the father of five, founder of several organizations, and a widely recognized musical talent. He shines in his creativity, his life, and His devotion to the Creator. Milestones have been set in Christian entertainment by McKeehan, especially in music.

And now, the one and only Tobymac is setting another milestone. It’s been eight years since Renovating Diverse City, Mac’s last remix album. March 26th marks the release of Dubbed And Freq’d, a collection of past hits, remixed. Toby has proven his musical genius time after time on previous albums, and Dubbed And Freq’d is sure to not dissappoint. The ‘Mac is back!

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