A Look Into The Artists Eyes (DJC): Clear The Stage – Jimmy Needham

Are you interested in an album that features Rap, Pop, R&B, and Worship music? Christian recording artist Jimmy Needham is set to release his fourth album entitled “Clear The Stage”, on March 27. His music is compared to those of Jack Johnson, Chris August and Shane and Shane. If you are a fan of these guys, you will fall in love with Jimmy Needham!

Needham is a product of InPop Records. His new album will be his fourth production with the company. Needham’s first album, entitled “Speak”, was released in 2006. “Dearly Loved” was featured on the Top Contemporary Hit Songs list by Christian Radio and Retail Weekly. His second album, entitled “Not Without Love”, was released in 2008. The song “Hurricane” is a favorite of many. It paints a picture of someone wanting to break down their emotional walls to let love in.

Needham’s third album, entitled “Nightlights”, was released in 2010. The top hit on this album is “Yours To Take.” In this song, Needham is expressing his feeling on how God took away his sin and made him a new person. The second verse really stands out:

“I was down for the count
I was all but knocked out
When I heard pardon for the interruption
Then like out of blue
Out came glorious You
You picked me up without barely any introduction
You won my heart by a landslide
You tend to do that every time
So, everything I have is Yours now
Even my very life.”

This is how God does things. He comes into our life and turns things right side up for us. The world that we live in is operated in an upside down kingdom.

The first song on “Clear The Stage” is “I Will Find You” (Featuring Lecrae). It starts off with Needham singing in his unique Pop, Worship feel and later on, Lecrae enriches the song with his distinctive style of Rap. These two make a great combination of Pop, Rap and Worship!

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