The Latest (DJC): Anthony Evans Bringing Back – Home

Worship recording artist Anthony Evans released an album in November entitled “Home”. This is Evans’ fifth studio album. Evans came onto the Christian/Gospel music scene in 2001 when fellow Christian/Gospel music artist Kirk Franklin asked Evans to join him. The Christian music industry was forever changed from that moment on!

Evans’ first album, Even More debuted in 2004 with the hit single, “Fearless”. During this time of his life, Evans had a hard time trusting the Lord. But after finishing this album, he found that trusting Him became a lifestyle:

“I realize now that God has orchestrated everything. Sometimes we don’t see it, but He’s painting this whole picture for us as long as we allow Him to do it. I had come to the place where I could listen to Him say, ‘Anthony, just trust Me.’”

His second album that hit the music scene was entitled, Letting Go. This album is different than his first in the sense that it has more of a Pop sound than a Gospel type feel. The songs are more upbeat. They challenge the believer to let go of the things of this world and follow Christ.

In his third album, The Bridge, which was released in 2008, Evans goes for a more worshipful tone. He did covers for Matt Redman’s “Blessed Be Your Name”, Tim Hughes’ “Here I am to Worship” and Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is Our God”. This album really brings you into the presence of God!

In 2010, Evan’s released his most popular album to date, Undisguised. In this album, Evans brings the worshipful feel from “The Bridge” into “Undisguised”. Songs like “Amazing God” and “Love is” really compells the listener to go deeper with God. It’s a great album from beginning to end!

In his newest album, Home, the lyrics really lead the listener back to the Lord, right where they belong! God’s arms are always open with His personal invitation to return “Home” to Him! Songs like “My Desire” and “Trust in Me Now” reminds the listener that, as a follower of Christ, they have the privilege and honor to serve Him and to trust Him in all things.

Here’s a link to Anthony Evans’ new song “Trust In Me Now” click here

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