The Latest (ARG): Fireflight Fans, “Now” Is Near

“NOW” releases March 6, 2012, and the music video for the new song “Stay Close” has already arrived for your viewing pleasure. Rockers, prepare to be amazed!

Momentum. It can apply to quite a few things. The acceleration of a car. A skateboard shooting down a ramp. A band? Whatever the case, momentum has one common feature … it can be hard to stop. And that’s exactly the case with Fireflight, the five Christian rock stars who are set to release their most explosive album yet. “NOW” is a collection of ten hard-hitting, yet melodic tunes that are sure to please. Thirteen years have gone by since the beginnings of Fireflight. They have risen from just another indie rock band to Grammy-nominated legends. Their momentum, which builds with each gig, sings songs of hope and points listeners to the King.

As summed up by guitarist Justin Cox:
“…all of our songs are surrounded by what we’ve been through…and what our testimony is. If you’re gonna make your life sleeping in a van and playing in a different city every day, you have to know that’s what God wants you to do. If you don’t then you won’t make it.”


Check out “Looking Behind The Song: Stay Close – Fireflight” from Nov. 23, 2011
With their new album, NOW, coming out March 6, 2012, Fireflight released a lyric music video of their new song, “Stay Close.” This song has a lot of meaning. It is telling us that in our toughest times, when God doesn’t … Continue reading →

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