Looking Behind The Song(Featured by DJC): Dance In Your Freedom – Unhindered

FINALLY!!! Unhindered is back! Nearly 2 years since their last album release back in November 2009. They are back with a self-title album, “Unhindered”. The band has been hard at work at producing this amazing production. Unhindered is part of a church in Atlanta, Georgia called Grace Midtown Church. Earlier this month, they released a worship album called “Rising” that consisted mainly of the Unhindered band with lead singer Pat Barrett. One of the songs on the album is called “Dance in Your Freedom”. This song will be featured on Unhindered’s new album…

Every verse of this song gets the attention of the listener and pulls them into really worship the Lord. It makes you wanna shout His praises all day long. This is what Pat Barrett and the entire Unhindered band had in mind when they were writing this song. “Dance in Your Freedom” makes you realize how awe-inspiring God is! It’s a song about the freedom that Christ has given us from dying on the cross for us. The lyrics to the second verse really draw the listener to the wonderful grace that God has on His people. Like honestly, who would want to give up their one and only son for a people who are sinful and selfish? Only our Heavenly Father, God Almighty! Here are the lyrics to the second verse:

“He died for our freedom
Oh the grave couldn’t hold Him
Our sins are forgiven
Every head be lifted
He’s Jesus the Messiah
Savior, the Lamb of God
It grown on our praises
Rising, rising, rising up”

This song has really touched my heart and it has reminded me of the freedom that I have because of Christ. I’m excited about the rest of the “Unhindered” album and for what God is doing through their lives. JESUS ROCKS!!!

This is DJC signing off…

SJD Adds:

Freedom is here, freedom is now. God sent His only Son for you and me. He brought us out of the darkness of this world. When we accept Jesus’s holy sacrifice, we let God’s Kingdom come into our lives. As we enter into His Kingdom, we become FREE!

John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”

Thanks for joining us DJC.

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  1. You are a very smart person!

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