Hey David Crowder Band Fans…

We asked DJC if he would like to participate in coving DC*B. Here is…

A DJC Segment:

“So many people know his music. They know his style and his epic, unforgettable facial hair feature that sets him apart from any other musician in the music industry. That man is David Crowder. This is a special year for Mr. Crowder and his band. The David Crowder Band, or DC*B, has announced that this is the bands final year of producing music and touring together. Each member of the DC*B band has a different plan on what they want to do when the band rings out their last tune. Some plan on spending more time with family, some might be going to back to school, some might write music for other artists and some might just relax and enjoy life.”

To follow up with DJC, The David Crowder Band has announce their release date for the new and final album, “Give Us Rest.” This will be their 6th album, which will be released January 10, 2012. DC*B has brought us some of the best in Praise and Worship for over a decade. As you have heard from DJC this is also the band’s last tour named, “The 7 Tour,” “7” standing for completion. When all is finished, we will miss this extremely unique band.

Thanks DJC for joining us.

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  1. Some truly prime posts on this website , saved to my bookmarks .

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