Do We Have Fireflight Fans Here…

Fireflight has officially finished recording their newest album. To some surprise, they are not revealing any info yet because they want to build up the anticipation. The band has finally listened to the final copy of the album.

They also want to keep you guessing what their title of their album will be. Justin quotes, “No, we don’t know when it’s coming out yet. However, we now know what it’s called…that doesn’t mean we’re gonna tell you what it’s called, but I can promise you if you use some of the letters of the American alphabet you will be able to form the title of the record, once the correct letters, and number of letters are put in the correct sequence. So…get to guessing!!!”

We will be following Fireflight as they begin to reveal bits and pieces of their new “Mysterious” album. So check back soon for other updates in the Christian Music Industry.

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